Arcana Quest is a family run Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast. For the first season the boys ran through Rappan Athuk, an epic and extremely deadly mega dungeon put out by Frog God Games.  The second and current season we play through Storm King’s Thunder.

The podcast will be released every other Tuesday.

Justin Sinks

The father of 2 kids, Andrew and Brendan Sinks. He introduced his sons to Dungeons and Dragons a few years ago and now they play campaigns together whenever they can. Justin was Dungeon farmaciaitalia 24 mastering for the first season and a PC for the second season.

Justin is playing Tenok Stonefist, a goliath barbarian.

Andrew Sinks

Andrew is the eldest. He was born in Florida in the year 2000. He is currently 18 and has finishing his final year of Highschool . He has been playing D&D for a few years and has learned to love the game.

Andrew is playing the part of our evil DM.

Brendan Sinks

“By far the best of the group” -Everyone ever. As the youngest of the family, he is definitely the best because he is the writer of the 3. Infact, he is writing what you are reading now. Born in Florida in 2002, he is 16 and going into his second year of High school. He is much more fond of the game than his older brother, but they both have been playing for the same amount of time. “I’m not 100 percent sure how this podcast will turn out. I feel it depends on the chemistry between us and how much popcorn I eat while recording.” -Brendan

Brendan is playing Francis Bellbottoms, elf warlock.



Also a huge thank you to our amazing artist Hailey Ross