Arcana Quest Season 2 Episode 7-9: To The End Of Time parts 1-3

It’s that time of year again!  This is all three parts of our winter solstice special!  Justin again DMs Andrew (playing Slimp the Elf Monk) and Brendan (with returning fan favorite Wilburg human Italian) through this short one shot.

Two of the world’s greatest heroes are ripped from time just before they died in their final battles to team up to stop the end of the world.  The winter solstice is near and a corrupted angel will stop at nothing to destroy the threats to this world, including destroying it in the process.   To beat her the boys will have to make friends with unlikely creatures and use their brains more than their muscles, which let’s be honest they aren’t so good with that sometimes.

The holiday season has thrown a wrench into our release schedule so to make up for it we released all three parts at once for your listening pleasure!  We will be back on January 15th with the next part of the Storm King’s Thunder campaign.